Español de otro planeta is a new Spanish course for beginners.

Our characters, two Martians visiting an island paradise, guide you through the wonderful world of Spanish, free of clichés and boredom. On this island, polar bears live on the beach, seals celebrate their birthdays, and of course, everyone speaks Spanish.

Español de otro planeta presents a different approach to learning Spanish as a foreign language, based on the presumption that absurd connotations make a language more memorable and easier to learn.

This Spanish manual is aimed at adult students all around the world and designed to help them reach the first level of linguistic and communicative competence. The book reinforces both grammatical skills and those that require creativity and language immersion.

Año academico

Whom is the book for?

This book is intended for diverse groups of adults.

Español de otro planeta was developed to meet the need for materials that bring tangible results in teaching students from all around the globe. The book is the answer to the search for a universal teaching language for ELE classes, based on years of working with students from China, Ukraine, the United States, Japan, Pakistan, India, France, Germany, Georgia, Sweden, Poland, Armenia, Italy, and Canada. The journey to the destination of understanding Spanish is carried out with the assistance of a native Martian spaceship crew speaking only in plain English.

We all have landed safely.

Why Martians?

Extraterrestrial characters are quite memorable as well as universal, regardless of the context. Martians cross all borders, break stereotypes, and make students feel at ease. Students are not alone on their language-learning journey; the Martians accompany them all the way.



Absurdity works! It conquers your mind and boosts your imagination.

Imagination magnetizes learning.


The authors

We are aliens among teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. We bring years of university experience to the table, but we are not native Spanish teachers. Therefore, we can offer a different approach, as we are 100% aware of the difficulties that a student may encounter while learning Spanish.

Interesting facts

We are philologists and lifelong friends. Since we regard sleep and rest to be overrated, we decided to write Español de otro planeta. In addition, we do not have TVs. We love skiing and chatting. We are like two electrodes in a battery.

Katarzyna Hajost-Żak

Katarzyna Hajost-Żak

Impatient, restless, and imaginative. Clean freak. Wants to be a detective when she grows up.

Sylwia Jakubas

Sylwia Jakubas

Cold, mathematical, and rigorous. Studies Chinese. Has proven experience in beekeeping. Cats are her weakness.

Opinions and reviews

Training courses and workshops for teachers encourage us to follow new approaches to language education. The latest trends emphasize the importance of emotions and students’ interaction with the course content. Español de otro planeta has overrun all other publishing companies by presenting a book in which humor, surprise, and enjoyment (presentation, style, activities, design) are as important as the linguistic content. Español de otro planeta  is definitely ahead of the pack, and now our students are as well.

Jorge Gutiérrez Gamón,  Spanish ELE teacher, writer, editor

Español de otro planeta responds to the need to adapt Spanish teaching to multicultural and international groups. Hence, the book is characterized by simple but effective grammatical explanations, and very intuitive exercises. The experiences of some unique characters and their inventive, fun dialogs lead us through all 30 units. This purely practical book seeks to fulfill its objective effectively and in an original way while avoiding anything unnecessary.

Eduardo Touzón García, Spanish ELE teacher

The book is well structured. Its texts for linguistic reflection make students feel comfortable. It also provides the students with exercises to practice activities focused on both grammar and creativity. Español de otro planeta is a clear and effective guide for taking your first steps into Spanish.

Almudena Lozano, Spanish ELE teacher


Where can I buy the book?

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. 

Does the book include audio materials?

We are now in the process of recording supplemental audio. Every customer will be sent an access code to download the audio recordings from our website, together with the corresponding activities.

Is Español de otro planeta recommended for children?

The book has been designed for adult learners.

Where is the workbook? 

Español de otro planeta incorporates in one volume a textbook, a workbook, and a glossary.

What about the teacher's manual?

We believe that every teacher has his or her unique way of teaching, hence we recommend free interpretation. Still, it is impossible to get lost along the way.

Will there be a second part to the A2 level?

Yes; however, the release will take place next year. We are also working on creating a graded readers’ detective story, with action taking place in a very distant galaxy.